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You have created a space that reflects your unique style. Great! New walls, new décor, new gadgets, and a whole new lifestyle. But that also means lots of strangers passing by the windows, blinding sunlight filling the room and reflecting off of every possible surface, and a lot of other things that just take away your home personality and your privacy.

Regain control of your space with the most affordable blinds Wilmington has to offer from Phoenix Window Fashions. Our wood and faux blinds for windows will put the control back in your hands. They make your space yours again.


Options For Everyone - Including Cordless

When you come to Phoenix Window Fashions, we want to offer you options in every price range. We stock blinds in both traditional and faux wood. There are plenty of popular designs to help you find the perfect blinds for your home. We also offer cordless options for any blind that you choose!

Normandy Wood Blinds

Normandy Wood Blinds featuring SmartPrivacy are made from Phoenix Wood, the distinctively grained hardwood in our Normandy Shutters. The tree grows back in just 7 years, making it an environmental champion.

European-Style Wood Blinds

Made with a contemporary premium headrail and a built-in light block, Normandy European-Style Blinds offer high-end styling in a variety of shimmering headrail finishes.


  • 2000 UV HOURS
  • DUAL SPOOL TILTER—Norman’s dual spooling mechanism offers a smoother, tangle-free, and more consistent tilting experience.
  • ENGINEERED BOTTOM RAIL—Great for wide windows, Norman’s bottom rails offer improved structural integrity and eliminate bowing when blinds are semi-raised.
  • INSTA-LOCK—Locks the blind at any position effortlessly without tugging-even on corner windows
  • CO-EXTRUDED SLATS—Norman’s proprietary faux wood extrusion for lighter, more durable slats, with better heat deflection
  • CHILD SAFE—The child/pet safe cord release device breaks apart with downward pressure
  • ADJUSTABLE METAL CLIPS—Not plastic clips, Norman’s clips won’t get brittle and break. Plus, they adjust-for a perfect valance position.


With Norman Faux Wood Blinds featuring SmartPrivacy, you’re in control even on the widest applications. It’s built for any environment—extreme light, heat, moisture or salty air—at temperature up to 15° higher than industry standards.

Vertical blinds 2
  • Award-winning SmartPrivacy provides tighter closure and concealed route holes for extra privacy and less light leakage
  • Superior colorfastness performance
  • Withstands temperatures of 135° for industry leading heat deflection
  • Moisture-resistant, fire retardant and lead free
  • Patented child/pet cord release device reduces entanglement risk
  • Insta-Lock mechanism locks blind precisely at any position effortlessly
  • Advanced tilting mechanism for smooth operation and reduced pull force
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Our end goal is to make your home feel, well, like home. So before you start shopping for window shades, we offer you a free consultation with our team. Our three decades of experience are waiting to help you choose the best shade for your home.