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Window Drapes and Cornices


Drapes & Cornices for Raleigh and Wilmington

Handcrafted draperies from Carole Fabrics go hand-in-hand with the aesthetics of today’s trending interiors.  Complete your desired look with our wide selection of popular draper headings, decorative fabrics, and trimmings.

Sheer Quality—our top priority is quality.  Every custom product goes through a series of essential and diligent quality checks during fabrication.  Stray threads are snipped, fabric flaws are caught and measurements are double checked before a product ever leaves our workroom.

Upgrades Available

  • Blackout lining
  • Decorative trimmings
  • Fabric banding
  • Fabric tiebacks (straight or contoured)
  • 6” heading & hem
  • Interlining
  • Stria style
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Quality, Experience, and Style

Our end goal is to make your home feel, well, like home. So before you start shopping for window shades, we offer you a free consultation with our team. Our three decades of experience are waiting to help you choose the best shade for your home.